Dail - a - CAB at Hyderabad

Hyderabad's citizens are switching from auto to cabs /taxi like never before. Specially these cabs are very useful for travelling to Hyderabad's new International airport at Shamshabad or any long distance travel. Advantages of using these cab/taxi services are as follows

  1. On time
  2. No manipulations in digital meters
  3. Can drop you to any location in the city
  4. Reasonable fares
  5. Variety of cars to choose
  6. Proof of travel
  7. Polite when compared to rude auto drivers
  8. Cheaper for long distance travel and when head count is more

Here is the list of various dial a cab services being offered in the city of Hyderabad which can be booked online as well as through a phone call

  1. Zee Cabs Phone Number : 4242 4242
  2. Uber - GPS Based App : Register Here and Use PromoCode - nl2ov to get 300 rupees for first time.
  3. OLA Cabs - GPS Based App : Register Here and Use PromoCode - 2E6VDC and to get 100 rupees for first time.
  4. Cosy Cabs             Phone Number : 2776 2023
  5. Delta Cabs            (No Longer Operating)
  6. Dot Cabs                Phone Number : 2424 2424
  7. Easy Cabs             Phone Number : 4343 4343
  8. Fast Track            Phone Number : 2888 9999
  9. Green Cabs             Phone Number : 2460 6060
  10. Hertz                      Phone Number : 6633 3843
  11. Meeru Cabs          Phone Number : 4422 4422
  12. Orange Cabs           Phone Number : 6632 4300
  13. Taxee                Phone Number : 6460 6460
  14. Yellow Cabs           Phone Number : 4400 4400
  15. Cool Cabs               Phone Number : 3000 5000
  16. Sky Cabs                 Phone Number : 4949 4949
  17. Cel Cabs       Phone Number : 2324 2526
  18. Taxi For Sure          Phone Number : 4040 9090
  19. City Cabs       Phone Number : 2776 6611

Please read my other post about UBER services , I have used it recently and strongly recommend Uber . Best thing about GPS based mobile app called as Uber is that if we use the promotion code nl2ov  (that o not zero) and get flat 300 rupees to be used.

Other GPS based is OLA , but it's service is still improving especially in Hyderabad , use the promotion code 2E6VDC  and get 100 rupees for the first time registration.

From the above list of cab services dot , easy , meeru , orange and taxee cabs offer online booking too . The cheapest cab from all the above cab service is the GREEN CABS just 10 rupees per km. But we must make sure we book it well in advance as all the the time they are in huge demand. usually all cab operators charge 500 or more rupees from Airport to City and this amount may vary on the timings. 

Lately cab owners have started a new gimmick , when ever they get a longer pickup they start giving you lame excuses like

  1. Tyre got punctured
  2. Vehicle met with an accident
  3. Stuck in traffic jam
  4. Driver fell ill and was admitted to hospital
  5. Drivers cell phone number is not reachable
  6. Cab Engine problem.

Well these all excuses which are usually made by the cab operators , be carefull with such gimmicks . If the cab driver makes such a excuse do the following:

  1. Keep the cab booking number safely.
  2. Get the name of the operator who answers your call.
  3. Speak to the manager .
  4. If the above does not work out , file a legal case against the cab agency in the consumer forum for not fullfilling the service provided.
  5. Lodge a complain on toll free number 1074 from BSNL phone , only for Hyderabad.
  6. The above process is not complicated , for further details please visit the consumer forum website

Note : Any of the cabs operator want to include or update the numbers leave a comment below we will get in touch with you .

And passengers wanna leave a feedback or comments or even rate the service of the cab services , they can do so using the comment feature below.


Agry said...

I too agree with this fact. In Hyderabad auto driver are big time cheaters. I recently had a very good experience with yellow Taxi. My parents were visiting Hyd so I booked Yellow Taxi from Secunderabad station to Madhapur, it costed me only Rs.190. The distance is 16kms for which autowallahs ask Rs.200. And moreover all of the Yellow Taxi cabs are air conditioned and the rates are flat Rs.12/KM through out the day, no night charges.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for providing the contact details of the cab companies!!!!!!!great work......keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for providing the contact nos...Cheers


Parthi said...

all the cabs that i have tried are very professional - in timing, in courtesy, in billing. that list includes - easy cabs, yellow taxi and cel cabs (once they sent me an omni after promising a indica). i hate autos and try avoid them as much as possible. For more than 10km of travel, i always take a cab . Works better when the numbers are more.

Engineer_4m_hyd said...

Don't forget to collect the bill after the journey.

vaidya said...

I recently booked cell cabs wherein the vehicle was supposed to come at 930 pm. at exactly 930 the driver called up stating that the vehicle got repaired and he would come within 15 minutes. later nearly at 10 when i called up the driver, he said he cannot come as the repairing may take well over 2 hours. when i called up the cab people, they pleaded ignorance about the vehicle problem and asked me to wait and contacted the driver and got back to me stating that they would arrange an alternative vehicle after an hour that is 11;15 pm. when i said who will have to bear the night charges applicable after 11 pm the cell cab guy started saying that i will have to pay the additional amount as it is computer generated and they cannot do anything on it.

Hats off to cell cabs


Hari Krishna Prasad said...

My favorite cab is Meru Logan, Ontime pickup, Drivers are good. I usually prefer this, as it is more comfortable in terms of service. But ofcourse some time back I was badly in need of cab in the night, though the customer care said it is difficult but still could able to do it. Thanks to the team of Meru.

Prasad, LHK :)

Parthi said...

Dot Cab experience:
Recently my family of 6 people (including me), wanted to travel to Ramoji Film City. My friend and his wife would join en route, making the tour party 8 strong. So I called up Dot Cabs, and told them that there are 8 people needing to travel to RFC, and the guy who took the booking informed me that their services allow only 7 passengers, but for extra people they charge Rs.50/- per head. I took for granted that the cabs are capable of accomodating 8 people with a little adjustment and agreed to it (assuming a 1+3+3 seating configuration). Also since RFC is "outside" the city, they would charge 50% extra. (comes to Rs.22.50/- per km). I agreed to all that, but when the vehicle showed up, we were in for a big surprise - it was a 6 seater (without the driver, with a 1 + 2 + 3 configuration) and you could not accomodate 7 people, however you try, forget about 8. When I called the helpline, the attitude of the reply was like - "why dont you adjust 'Sir'"!. What was disheartening was the fact that the operator did not forget to mention the extra 50 bucks, but he did not know that the vehicle cannot carry 7 passengers. When I asked them if they will drop us at Koti, where my friend was waiting, so that we could make alternate arrangements, the answer was that we have to pay for a package - 2hrs/20kms@Rs.300/- - and they would not charge by meter. I vented my anger at the helpline guy and sent the cab away. I called up Easy Cabs and asked them for two vehicles to RFC from Koti and fortunately they were available at such short notice. We all reached Koti by two autos, and took the plush Logans of Easy Cabs from there, and for return I booked Meru Cabs, whose service was on dot and courtesy, excellent. I will never look to Dot Cabs again, I guess!

Anonymous said...

thanQ 4 d list
I had injured my knee and called green taxi. I needed to go to doctor.They said call 1to2hrs in advance ! I had to go by auto. Next time i called 2hrs in advance at 3pm. This time reply was "Sorry taxi not available till 6.30pm." Again had to take auto. Now few autowalas gave their numbers and they pick me in 30min notice. Thanks to bad taxi services. Autos only Rs7per km.

G1r15h said...

Don't try Green cabs, they have a standard answer of "Cabs not available" all the time. I have had good experience with Yellow Taxi.

Engineer_4m_hyd said...

Good to see so many comments on various operators . This will help every one to choose their operator.

Anonymous said...

Hi Thank you very much for giving all the cabs contact details. It really helped me when i planned to book my cab.

Anonymous said...

Green Taxi services:
I called on 26-November-2009 at 10 Pm to pick me up from Madhapur at 11pm, they said u need to book the cab 4 hrs in advance.

I called on 27- Nov-2009 in 4 hrs advance, they said u need to call in 30 mins in advance.

I say you all green cabs drivers are taking and roaming freely causing a u huge damage to comapnies..

chairmans, supervisors, site monitors of greencabs please look after your services, your are all doing good.... your servicemen are very bad.

other wise you have to close your green cabs shortly.

Madhu Kiran said...

I am all for the cab services. Very rarely, the auto drivers agree to go to the place I am staying. They always demand more.

Anonymous said...

Delta cabs
Worst management + rude drivers= Delta cabs.

I often use cabs and out of all delta cabs hits alltime pathetic service.they way they talk the way they do serivce is so stupid. They call on last minute and say cabs are not availble and the best answer for them is that everytime they will have a tyre puncture ! They just dont understand the meaning of service , they are entertianing rowdies by giving part time jobs. Just IGNORE DELTA CABS .

Anonymous said...

My experience with Yellow cabs(4400 4400) was good. On time. Billing was correct and reasonable (Rs.10/- per Km). A ride from Madinaguda(Miyapur to JBS, 20 Km) cost me approx Rs.202./-.

Anonymous said...

Started using cab service with YellowTaxi. Experience is fine and good till their rate/Km was Rs.12. But once it changed to Rs.10/Km, their service is pretty bad. I had a bitter experience twice. Once, the cab is scheduled to reach by 8.45PM to Motinagar near Ameerpet, the driver called up @ 8.30PM asking to where in Moulali he should come to? I can understand that it is a bad excuse; after all Motinagar and Moulali are two different far off locations.
Next time, i have booked a cab at around 2PM, cab to come to my home in Motinagar @ 9 PM(Note: Booking is confirmed); surprisingly got a call around 8.15PM saying the cabs are not available and the request cannot be served. How silly an excuse is it?
Next, i started using Green cabs, once the driver said the A/C is not working. Next time when i booked the cab, the driver did not turn up and when i called the call center, they have put me on hold, talked to the driver and said there is a repair and can only provide a cab after 30 to 45 minutes.
Now, i am using Easy Cab Mini and their service is good so far.

Most importantly, of the three cases where i have not received a cab at the scheduled time, the call center guy says there is a problem with the cab confirmation system via sms. So, you may not get a confirmation sms.!!!!

Insist on confirmation sms. So, that atleast you will have a proof and chance to talk to their seniors to take action or lodge a complaint with consumer forum.

Nani said...

Had good experience with yellow cabs,moreover they are air conditioned which is a better option in scorching heat of summer.

Aditya Ch S said...

cell cabs number given wrongly.
the number is 23242526. I use Cellcabs often ..service is ok...their charge is Rs.10/- per KM and Rs.30/- service charge (at day time). They have 4 hours 40 KM Rs.450+ service charge package(NON AC INDICA). DOT Cabs is a little costly. But service is gud. City CABs service is ok. Rs.10/- per KM with minimum of Rs.150/- , package Rs.500/- for 4 hours 40 KM. But their vechicles are not gud. I booked twice both times I observed tyre shaking :(. Drives gave useless excuses. Green cabs service is ok, but they are not sending SMS, vechiles reaching 15 mins late. Driver tried to charge Rs.100/- extra...but when I called call center they told me to pay according to package and excess for kms exceeded in package ( I opted 2 hrs 20 kms Rs.250 package, Exceeded 5 kms and 10 minutes crossing 2 hours. So I paid 250 + (10*5) for excess KMs + (10*1) for excess 10 minutes = Rs.310/-) As mentioned by few, their call center is busy...keeping us on hold...also seems its not 24X7.
Today I called Apple cabs, they charge Rs.10/- per KM with a minimum of Rs.60/- Seems cheap.
Yellow cabs even though they charge Rs.10/- per KM their minimum charge is Rs.200/- :( which is very high for short distance travels. I dont go in MEERU and EASY CABS as its costly which is out of budget.

Apple cabs seems a li

Engineer_4m_hyd said...

Thanx @ all for giving their valuable feedback.

@aditya : Thanks for pointing out, updated the number.

kalias 's' dasan said...

This is the very bad experience I had to face and I am writing this on my travel to airport by Easy Cabs which came to my rescue with in 10 mins.
The problem is, I booked cell cabs at morning 10 AM for the travel at 4.00Pm to board a flight from Madhapur. THis guys called me at around 4.10 and said that the cab will be late by 45 minutes and asked for cancellation.When I queried back i got irresponsible answers from call centre people.I would like to say, be careful with this cell cabs provider.The PNR no I got PNR no for booking the cab 929602 on 14th august 2010.

Corporate Trainer said...

useful info. keep it up.
Dr Chand Shah

Anonymous said...

hi,tried using Gocabs new entrant presently not metered..very useful for package 2 hrs/4hrs/8hrs...very prompt..good drivers..neat cars and transparent billing

Anonymous said...

Once in 2 days, i take a cab to travel within city limits.

Delta cabs: 3 times I had a very bad experience with this service. few minutes before pick up time, got a call from the service saying that the cab is not available.

City cabs: Never they will be on time. Waste of relying on this service.
Dot cabs: Not really worth of the charge. No good service.
All the above services if it is within 10km or so, they say "No availability".

Orange(fair charges, On time, good service)
Meru, Fast Track: On time service)
Hope this would be helpful to you all friends..


suman said...

yellow cabs Phone No-040-66906690

Anonymous said...

Orange cabs best service. Delta cabs worst.

Sethu said...

Some one in the comments wrote that Apple Cabs minimum is 60/-, But in fact it is 250/-. I'm looking for an affordable cab service which can help in commuting from KPHB to Hitech City in the Weekdays. I would be interested to pay upto 150/- for those 10 kms, but I didnt find anything like that.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i Want a cab on monthly basis, do these cabs provide so... else wot is next option as i m new to the city... does the concept of car pooling existis

Anonymous said...

Easy Cabs charge Rs 150 for 10 kms... Wish had taxis as they r in very convenient

Anonymous said...

Dont use Delta cab Service it is the worst cab service... I request you guys please dont use Delta Cab Service... They tell one thing & charge something...

Anonymous said...

Dont use Delta Cab Service

Engineer_4m_hyd said...

Delta Cab Services are out of Business in Hyderabad , Telangana